Bronze sculpture ‘The spirit of the Haida Gwaii’ by Bill Reid in front of the glass wall, Lutz Haufschild, Public Art and Private Projects, Cadenza
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  • Cadenza: Detail of parking garage facade stainless steel glass frame, interior view
  • Cadenza: Parking garage facade - one of four bays
  • Cadenza: View of one bay of parking garage glass facade
  • Cadenza: Exterior view, detail
  • Cadenza: View of parking garage glass facade stainless steel frame, detail
  • Cadenza: Half scale model for parking garage glass public art, original proposal
  • Cadenza: View of glass facade during installation
  • Cadenza: Original conceptual sketch of the parking garage facade

The large glass wall ‘The Great Wave’ enters into a symbiotic relationship with the bronze sculpture ‘The spirit of the Haida Gwaii’ by famed North West Coast Indian artist Bill Reid. The canoe, filled with figures from Haida mythology, appears to be leaving the beach and heading into ‘The Great Wave’ towards the open ocean.

Symphony Place, Vancouver, BC
Lutz Haufschild
Curved float glass, laminated & suspended
Digital Facilitation: 
Christian Karl Janssen, San Francisco Bay Area
Merrick Architecture, Vancouver