Original drawings of the eight windows, Lutz Haufschild, Public Art and Private Projects, Pasture
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  • Pasture: Interior view of curved painted glass wall
  • Pasture: Exterior view of the curved painted glass wall
  • Pasture: Overall view of rapid transit station

A former chateau in the wine-growing region of the Pfalz in Germany was converted into the offices of R. H. Mayer, specializing in building residences and hospitals for seniors. In the tower, which connects the different floors, eight intricately crafted windows create intriguing vistas and color plays to delight visitors.

Sperling Station, GVRD Rapid Transit System, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Lutz Haufschild
Painted float glass
Hotson Bakker & Partners Architects, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Painted float glass