St. Stephen's Church, Lutz Haufschild, Places of Worship, Golden Keys
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  • Golden Keys: View of mosque at dusk
  • Golden Keys: Outside view of two windows at night
  • Golden Keys: Outside view of one window during day
  • Golden Keys: View of interior at night
  • Golden Keys: Interior view of one window during the day
  • Golden Keys: Detail of window showing layered painting on inside and out

This window in the narthex of St. Stephen’s Church was commissioned to commemorate the building of the church 75 years ago. Built with rocks collected from what is the premier wine growing region in Canada, the window shows images of actual parishioners who were baptized in the church, one image representing one year. At the center the pastors who baptized these parishioners are shown, along with the artist who created the window.

Burnaby Jamathkana, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Lutz Haufschild
1” cast glass, silver stained on both sides
Bruno Frechi Architects, Vancouver, BC, Canada
8 three-dimensional windows