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  • Pasture: Interior view of curved painted glass wall
  • Pasture: Exterior view of the curved painted glass wall
  • Pasture: Overall view of rapid transit station

The escalators and stairs are located near the middle of the gracefully curved ticket lobby and seemed to require a focal point which would also allow visitors to orient themselves in the large space. To achieve this I placed a large three dimensional glass relief at the head of the escalaors and stairs.

The sculpture alludes to the much loved pristine outdoors of Alaska and the yearly miracle of salmon migrating. Photos of salmon taken in Katmai National Park were transformed into templates from custom programming in the 3-D software Autodesk Maya. These were then used to cut hundreds of strips of glass (up to 12" wide), and which were laminated vertically into a steel base for earthquake proofing.

Alaskan fishermen said enthusiastically that the glass relief shows excactly what salmon look like when they are pulled out of the water.

Sperling Station, GVRD Rapid Transit System, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Lutz Haufschild
Painted float glass
Hotson Bakker & Partners Architects, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Painted float glass