Layered and beveled glass wall, exterior view at night, Lutz Haufschild, Public Art and Private Projects, Rainbows Edge
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  • Rainbows Edge: Original drawings of the eight windows
  • Rainbows Edge: Detail
  • Rainbows Edge: Detail under different light conditions
  • Rainbows Edge: Angled view, detail
  • Rainbows Edge: Detail under different light conditions

The architect asked that the large window wall facing due South in the central hall of the museum serve as the ‘eyelids’ of the building. This, and my intention of revealing the soul of the building may sound esoteric, yet they clearly define the function of the art glass in the building. The art glass has to “manage” light entering the building while at the same time imbue it with meaning, magic and magnificence.

Mayer Offices (formerly a vineyard) Deidesheim, Germany
Lutz Haufschild
2 layers of painted, etched and beveled glass
Ressel Architekts, Wiesbaden, Germany
8 small windows