Small windows showing the Freedom Monuments in Latvia and Estonia, Lutz Haufschild, Places of Worship, Crucifixion Window
Crucifixion Window|  0

  • Crucifixion Window: View of the Chapel interior with reflection
  • Crucifixion Window: Window view under different light conditions
  • Crucifixion Window: Chapel window, exterior view
  • Crucifixion Window: Detail with tree branches behind
  • Crucifixion Window: Model suspended during photo shoot

The ‘silver’ light of the sun of ancient Latvian poetry is symbolically recreated in the 30 windows of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, built in 1871 in the Neo-Gothic style. The theme is the tri-unity of God: one window series symbolizes ‘God the Father’ while another represents ‘God the Son’. The third set of window on the West side of the sanctuary shows God the Holy Spirit. Smaller windows reflect on the history of the Latvian and Estonian parishioners.

Emmaus Chapel Window, Church of Saint John the Divine, Victoria, BC, Canada
Lutz Haufschild
Three layers of float and beveled glass, laminated